“ A Quiet Masterpiece”
Peter Weller leads an exceptional cast in this thought provoking film about a rabbi who struggles with self doubt and the need to find purpose in his world. Weller does a superb job of acting in his lead role, whose character wrestles with the terminal illness of the wife he loves while also doing his best to be a spiritual guide for his congregation in a synagogue, set in a gang ravaged part of the city. The questions which arise in this film cut to the very heart of the human condition, man’s pupose in life and the need to continue living, even under the worst of circumstances. Jason Behr and Nikki Reed also put in savagely realistic and believable performances in their respective roles, as does the rest of the cast. I would highly recommend this film.

“This one will shock you”
A statement of our times! Peter Weller delivers a superb performance and carries this movie throughtout! This movie will test your beliefs and your heart. The ending, although easy to see it coming, will blow you away. What is this world coming to?

“At last an extraordinary film about man and God”
An unusual and spiritually provoking film story. Kind of a set piece for the lead actors to showcase their acting. Plot foreshadows a tragic ending that’s very harsh and unexpected.

“They Nailed It”
This movie is slow moving, but the characters are so interesting, and the acting so superb, that every scene will capture your attention. Definitely recommend this movie for anyone in the mood for a deep, emotional, artsy film that is extremely realistic and captivating.

“One of the best films I have ever seen on the subject of …”
One of the best films I have ever seen on the subject of life, suffering, love, hate, God, existence, the cycle of violence and revenge, and pretty much everything else.